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Howdy. I’m TilleyTrader. I’ve typed, erased, and re-typed this intro paragraph many, many times because I’m terrible with intro paragraphs. So pretend I wrote a good one, and now I’m just going to dive in below.

I’ve been trading since the end of 2020 — first interested in penny stocks (but never took the full plunge), then pivoted to options (thanks to my brother), and now shifting towards futures. I’ve always had an interest in the stock market since I was a wee lass, but only realized in recent years that trading was actually accessible to the average person (*cough*thanks, Robinhood*cough*). I discovered FinTwit, signed up for a couple options services, had some success in 2021 (easy to find success when StOnKs OnLy Go Up), struggled in 2022 with options (red on the year), and now focusing more on futures trading in 2023. So much of this journey so far has been about figuring out what kind of trading style fits best with my personality, where does my edge lie, and how to break bad habits. And that’s where this blog comes in.

Like many noob traders, I go through boom and bust cycles. I have a few good days in a row, get cocky and gamble-y, then wipe out my progress with a revenge trade or just do something really dumb (I’m looking at YOU, SPX 0dte’s). I decided to start this blog for a few reasons:

  • to give myself some sort of public accountability
  • to have a place where my notes/resources can live for reference
  • to be a trading journal/log of sorts

I also have a friend (you know who you are!) who is interested in trading (and who I know is going to read this), and I’m going to do my best to lay out what (little) I know for her…and also for my own sake, because I think trying to explain/process things can help ME understand things a little better, too. But don’t think for a moment that I am in ANY WAY qualified to teach/educate anyone; it’s more of a “this is my own personal journey and I’m going to get it wrong sometimes and I’m working stuff out and so take everything here with a giant grain of salt” blog. Not financial advice, yada yada yada.

I should also mentioned that I’m a new mom, so in terms of what to expect as far as post frequency, to quote JomaTech, “New content every time I upload!” Lolz. (But for real. We’ll see what happens.)